COM Query String Input

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COM Query String Input

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COM Query String Input

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The Com Query String input node allows receiving ASCII feedback messages from COM devices over a local COM Port connection. The COM Port connection needs to be enabled in the Connection Manager.
This input node will output any incoming packet as Text Only, Numeric Only or mixed string.

This node can be found under Nodes > Input > Connections > COM Query String Input


Node Properties

COM Connection ID:
Enter the ID of the COM Port connection.

Query String:
Enter the query string that you want to send to the specified COM Device.

Enter the time interval in ms in which the query string will be sent to the COM Device.
If you want to query the device manually (e.g. by pressing a Custom Script Button using the command "WDNodeSetParam(NodeID,ParamID,Value)"), please set the Interval Time to 0 ms.

The response of the COM Device will be displayed here. Please note that the responding device needs to send a "carriage return", a "line feed" or an "end of text" at the end of its message. This can be done in ASCII, decimal or hexadecimal language.
- carriage return is either [CR] or [d13] or [h0D]
- line feed is either [LF] or [d3] or [h3]
- end of text is either [ETX] or [d10] or [h0A]

The Timeout gives you feedback about the connection status. If Timeout is "0", there is no communication with the specified COM Device. If Timeout is "1" the communication works.

Node control

With Widget Designer version 6, all nodes support so called node commands. Node commands access functions (i.e methods) from a node and / or set a parameter (i.e. property).

Enter "node", followed by the according ID and a dot and a list will pop up showing all available commands for the node. For instance, Node1.TintColor.SetRGB(125,0,255), colors the node in purple.
In addition, the node properties with a parameter ID (the small superscript number) can be edited via the command Node1.SetParam(ID,new Value) or WDNodeSetParam(NodeID,ParamID,Value).

Node output values

The Node generates the following output:

- Response

- Text Only

- Numeric Only

- Timeout (0 for "no communication", 1 for "successful communication")