Input and Output Cards

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Input and Output Cards

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Input and Output Cards

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This chapter includes information about input and output boards for the Server hardware. The Server hardware itself is described in the chapter "Server Hardware". If you are interested in other Christie Pandoras Box hardware, please see the introductory chapter Hardware and Accessories.

Cards are either included by default or optional. Since version 8, the total number for the boards is not limited by the software anymore but by available space and PCIe ports.

For all cards it is recommended to check the Download-Center from time to time in order to always use the up-to-date driver.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the only board included be default in every hardware. For the Server R5 hardware you can choose between three NVIDIA Quadro graphics card: P4000, RTX4000 or RTX 6000. Please see the chapter Graphics Card Settings.

Optional Boards

There are various input and output boards available for our Server hardware.

Sync Card
The Sync Card allows for a frame lock option for frame and pixel line accurate synchronization. With the card you can either generate an internal sync or lock to an incoming signal.

Audio In- and Output Cards
Audio Cards allow for more audio input and output channels to be used in Pandoras Box. They also include a MIDI option. The cards offer various audio protocols and connections.
ADAT Audio Card (8 channels; 32ch is discontinued)
Dante Audio Card (256 channels)

Video Input Cards
3G-SDI Input Cards (Single, Dual and Quad)
12G-SDI Input Cards (12G/Quad 3G-SDI, HDMI/DP board)
Flex Input Cards
HDMI Input Card (Dual)
Terra / SDVoE Fiber Input Card

Ethernet Output Card
10GbE Ethernet Card (Dual)

The Single and Dual DVI Input Cards and MADI Audio Card are discontinued.

Custom Boards

If you prefer to install a custom board please bear in mind that hardware changes void the warranty. In addition, using Christie Pandoras Box Input and Output Cards guarantees the best software support especially in terms of synchronization and latency. Regarding other live inputs, please note that Pandoras Box supports only input devices that are conform and support DirectShow.

Using Live Inputs in Pandoras Box

Audio and Video Inputs can be used as audio and video sources in the PB project. Please see the chapter about the Assets tab to learn how to import them to the project in order to play them on a Layer. In addition, Audio and Video Export and Recording is offered depending on your license.