Installing PB

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Installing PB

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Installing PB

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This topic explains how to install Pandoras Box and the PB Menu and where to download the according installers.

If you have no verified copy of a recent Pandoras Box or PB Menu installer on a USB stick, you can download them from our website. In general, Pandoras Box hardware comes without any virus software, firewall or other network security tools. Hence it is strongly discouraged to connect them to the internet. Please use another computer with an enabled security system instead.

This also means, that there is no automatic update feature included in our software. We recommend to check our website from time to time or subscribe to our forum channel if you would like to be informed about new software releases.

If you are interested in the Pandoras Box Demo version (valid for 90 days) just fill out this form, for all other installer, please head to our "Download-Center".


The Download-Center on our homepage includes all installers, drivers and additional documents for Pandoras Box products. To get access to it, please register first.

- Installers for Pandoras Box...
- Installers for PB Menu...

Copy the installer(s) to a portable storage like a USB stick and from there to your PB system. Alternatively you can copy it remotely. If you work with PB hardware, the folder under C:\Christie\content\versions most likely already contains some installers.

Installation of PB Menu including Server Management

If you would like to install the PB Menu, simply run the new installer. All setting are transferred to the new version (when using version 7.0 or higher). The new version starts after the installation and is automatically launched any time you (re-) boot the computer. You can also install the PB Menu via VNC. The VNC connection is re-established when the installation has finished.

If you have a larger network with many PB systems that are managed by the Server Management Application, we highly recommend to use the same version on all systems. Copy the installer to each system and execute it. You can of course also copy it remotely.

The Server Management Application is part of the PB Menu installation.

Installation of Pandoras Box

If you would like to install Pandoras Box, simply run the installer after inserting the dongle with your license. The installer comes with all necessary files and components. Note that Pandoras Box can be installed parallel to older versions. If you do not need older versions any more please delete them manually. This also means, that you always choose a version when starting Pandoras Box which is explained in the next chapter.

Note that all PB Master and Client systems need to run the same version in order to connect properly. Updating a larger setup to a new version gets a lot easier and faster when using the Server Management Application. It features a Remote Installer tool which sends and installs a new version to all selected devices and also a Select Version tool which sets the same Pandoras Box version across your network.

With the installation of Pandoras Box, a folder with sample files is copied to your computer. The Assets tab in Pandoras Box gives quick access to those "Stock Assets" so that you can you them in your programming easily. If you are interested in more files, you can run the Stock Assets Installer from our Download-Center. Read more about Stock and Project Assets...