Modbus FHPP

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Modbus FHPP

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Modbus FHPP

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The Modbus FHPP input node allows you to retrieve the current value of a Modbus element that contains data in the FHPP format. For other data types, please use the other input node Modbus Input instead.
Both elements configured as input or output type can be addressed. The respective Master and patch need to be set up before using this node, for more information please refer to the chapters Modbus Master Configuration and Modbus Patch Configuration.

Modbus FHPP values can also be retrieved via scripting, as described in the chapter Using Modbus.

This node can be found under Nodes > Input > Devices > Modbus FHPP


Node Properties

Device Name:
Select the Master device from the drop-down.

Patch Name:
Select the patch from the drop-down.

Node control

With Widget Designer version 6, all nodes support so called node commands. Node commands access functions (i.e methods) from a node and / or set a parameter (i.e. property).

Enter "node", followed by the according ID and a dot and a list will pop up showing all available commands for the node. For instance, Node1.TintColor.SetRGB(125,0,255), colors the node in purple.
In addition, the node properties with a parameter ID (the small superscript number) can be edited via the command Node1.SetParam(ID,new Value) or WDNodeSetParam(NodeID,ParamID,Value).

Node output values

The Node generates the following output:

- ccon_enable (Drive enable)

- ccon_release_break (Open break)

- ccon_reset (Reset fault)

- ccon_stop (Stop)

- cpos_clear (Clear remaining position)

- cpos_halt (Halt)

- cpos_jogn (Jog negative)

- cpos_jogp (Jog positive)

- cpos_start (Start positioning task)

- cpos_teach (Teach actual value)

- in_recordset (Input data Record no.)

- out_recordset (Output data Record no.)

- position (Input data Actual position)

- scon_enabled (Drive enabled)

- scon_fault (Fault)

- scon_open (Operation enabled)

- scon_vload (Supply voltage is applied)

- scon_warn (Warning)

- spos_ack (Acknowledge start)

- spos_dev (Drag (deviation) error)

- spos_halt (Halt)

- spos_mc (Motion complete)

- spos_mov (Axis is moving)

- spos_ref (Axis is referenced)

- spos_still (Standstill control)

- spos_teach (Acknowledge teach / sampling)

- scon_fct (Drive control by software)