Mouse Control

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Mouse Control

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Mouse Control

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This chapter explains the Mouse Control settings in the AirScan Tool in Widget Designer. For more information please see the introductory chapter.

Almost all settings in this section can be scripted using the available "WDAirScanMouse..." commands.


Enable Mouse:

Check this option if the Point1 input data should control the mouse movement of your WD computer.

Enable Click:

If this option is checked the mouse can generate clicks. Use the tick boxes below to define when the click should be executed.

Default, On Enter, On Leave:

These options are available when the check box "Enable Click" is activated and define when a mouse click is generated.

Default: generates mouse down on enter and mouse up on leave.
On Enter: the click is generated on enter.
On Leave: the click is generated on leave.

Another option to generate a click on a Custom Script Button is not to use "Enable Click" but to use the buttons timeout settings. When positioning the mouse cursor over a button for e.g. 500 ms a mouse click is executed automatically.

Ignore Output Size:

If your Active Region is larger than your computer's output resolution, WD automatically is only resopnsive within the output boundaries. I.e.: If you set up your Active Region with a resolution of 3840x2160px, but the output resolution of your monitor is only 1920x1080px, the mouse cursor would only be active within the 1920x1080px area. To use the cursor e.g. on a second monitor, check this box to ignore the output boundaries.

Enable GUI:

Check this box if you only want to operate your WD interface, i.e. buttons, Faders, etc., with the AirScan. A blue dot then acts as mouse cursor, but it doesn't affect other applications.

Mouse Down on Move:

If this option is checked, left mouse down on move is always active.  Its only available when the check box "Enable Click" is activated.