Panel Settings

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Panel Settings

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Panel Settings

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The MultiTouch Panel's ID may be changed by entering a new one in the text field top left.

When the option "Fix" is checked, the MultiTouch Panel will be displayed on every page inside WD.

Check this option so that the MultiTouchPanel covers the full screen of your WD computer.

Display Mode:
Please choose between the Display Modes 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10, according to the aspect ratio of your WD computer screen. This is needed to have the devices in the correct aspect ratio inside the MultiTouch Panel.

Multi Site:
The Multi Site Mode allows controlling multiple Servers simultaneously. This is useful when virtual sites can not be used. Check this option and enter the amount of Sites the position and scale data of the MultiTouch Items should be routed to.

MultiTouch Item 1 refers to Site1, Layer1. When Multi Site Mode with 2 Sites is enabled, the data of this Item will now refer to Site1, Layer1 and Site2, Layer 1 as well.

Relaxed Drag:
When Relaxed Drag is enabled, an item will not stop hard at a position to which it was dragged, but it will run out smoothly depending on the dragging speed. This option is active by default.


The Relax time (in ms) and the maximum Relax Delta (in px) may be adjusted in the text fields below "Relaxed Drag". The higher the Relax time, the longer the Item will be dragged. The Relax Delta defines the max. distance in px the Item will be dragged.

When the Bounce Mode is enabled, an Item running out smoothly with relaxed drag will bounce back from the display border and reverse its direction towards the display region.

Auto Z-Order:
When this option is checked, the selected item inside the MultiTouch Panel will automatically be placed in front of other items inside Pandoras Box (if one item overlays another one). This option influences the Z Position of the layer in PB the devices are linked to. Do not use Auto Z-Order, if you have assigned non-default Z Positions to the layers manually.

Please note: this option is not working when controlling PB Players, as there is no Z Position available for Player devices.

Left: Item2 is in front of Item1.  Right: After selecting Item1 the Z Order changes and Item2 is behind Item1.

Left and right: see this effect in PB.

Pan Mode:
The Pan Mode needs to be checked if you want to move items on the MultiTouch area or out of it by clicking in the background and proceed a move there. This will then apply to all items that have the Pan option enabled.

Please note:
Pan is only working when option [Enable Mouse] is checked inside the MultiTouch Panel and when your device (Mouse, Kinect, AirScan, Multitouchdevice etc.) controls the mouse of your WD computer.


Pan-Mode is enabled for the MultiTouch Panel and for the Items 1, 2 and 3, but not for Item4.

The two pictures above show the result after clicking in the panel's background and moving the mouse over to the left side:

Item4 stays at its previous position while the Items 1,2 and 3 are moved to the left side as well.
The little + in the panel's background shows you the PAN position.

Left / Right / Top / Bottom:
The values inside the text fields define how many percent the MultiTouch area can be moved in each direction when PAN is enabled.

If you change the value for Top and Bottom to 0 (%) you won't be able to move the MultiTouch area up and down, but only to the left and right side.

Input Sources:

Important notice regarding Multi-Touch Input on Win7:
The Tablet Service must be active in order for Win7 to provide the multi touch data!

Enable Mouse:
Enable the mouse input if you want to use the mouse to control the MultiTouch items.

Please note:
The Mouse Input needs to be enabled when you want to use the Pan Mode!

Enable Gestures:
Enable this option if you want to use Synaptics Touch Pads and Wacom Bamboo Devices.

Enable Touch:
Enable this option if you want to use touch devices like (Multi-)Touch Monitors.

Enable AirScan:
Enable this option if you want to use the AirScan.

Enable Kinect:
Enable this option if you want to use the Kinect.

Enable Camera Point Tracker:
Enable this option if you want to use the Camera Point Tracker.

Enable iPhone:
Enable this option if you want to use your iPhone with the Widget Designer Remote App to control the MultiTouch items.