SACN Input

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SACN Input

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SACN Input

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The SACN input node allows receiving packets in sACN format. sACN or Screaming ACN is a protocol for transporting the data of DMX data over IP networks.
A valid UDP connection must be set up to the device sending SACN packets. The IP address this connection needs to listen to correlates with the universe number transmitted. The first two numbers of the address need to be the MultiCast address "239.255.", the last two numbers form as HighByte and LowByte the universe number. E.g. The equivalent of Universe "1" would then be the address "".

The Port used is 5568.

This node can be found under Nodes > Input > Connections > SACN Input


Node Properties

Choose the UDP Connection to listen to. The UDP Connections can be found and setup in the Connection Manager.

Channel Start:
Set Channel number you want to listen to. If you select 16bit or 24bit values, this is the number of the first Channel.

8bit / 16bit / 24 bit:
Choose if you want to get a eight, sixteen or twenty-four bit DMX value.

Enter a factor with which the output value should be multiplied.


Enter an offset that should be added to the output value.

Node control

With Widget Designer version 6, all nodes support so called node commands. Node commands access functions (i.e methods) from a node and / or set a parameter (i.e. property).

Enter "node", followed by the according ID and a dot and a list will pop up showing all available commands for the node. For instance, Node1.TintColor.SetRGB(125,0,255), colors the node in purple.
In addition, the node properties with a parameter ID (the small superscript number) can be edited via the command Node1.SetParam(ID,new Value) or WDNodeSetParam(NodeID,ParamID,Value).

Node output values

The Node generates the following output:

- Value (received DMX value, including Factor and Offset)