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Status Bar

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Status Bar

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The Status Bar at the bottom of the Pandoras Box Master user interface includes four sections.


Information Field

This field informs you about specific actions, like loading or saving the project file or spreading media files. If there is a show critical or very important information this field is highlighted red and the information stays. In that circumstance you can click onto the field to open a dialog containing a description.

Align Function

If you multi-select Layers or Cameras, you can align their parameters following a certain pattern. Per default the Align function is switched off. You can click onto the "Align" label to switch through the available options: <, >, ><, <>, Off.

Example: Assign five different media files to Layer 1-5,then scale and position them like depicted in the image.

To select all Layers, click on Layer 1 in the Device tree and hold [Shift] whilst clicking on Layer 5. The Align function depends on the order of selection, in our case we have selected Layer 1 first, then 2,3,4 and 5. If you now open the Device Controls tab you will see the parameters of Layer 5, this  is visualized in the Device Tree with a white dotted border. You can click on the other Layers to see their parameters in the Device Control tab without loosing the selection. Re-load Layer 5 into the tab. In case you made an error with the selection, press [Esc] to deselect and then select the Layers again.

With this selection, click on the Align label in the Status Bar to switch to another Align pattern. Change the Z Rotation Angle parameter of Layer 5 to 90°. The value range of 0°-90° is applied to the Layers in different patterns but the change from one layer to another is always equal. See the result in the Preview.

The applied rotation values increase.
Smallest value = Layer 1.
Highest value = Layer 5.
The applied rotation values decrease.
Smallest value = Layer 5.
Highest value = Layer 1.
The applied rotation values increase from the middle but in opposite directions.
Smallest value = Layer 3.
Highest value = Layer 1 and 5.
The applied rotation values decrease from the middle.
Smallest value = Layer 1 and 5.
Highest value = Layer 3.
The applied rotation values are constant.
The Align function can be applied to almost all parameters like position, rotation, scaling, effects etc.

You can align Layer parameters but also Camera parameters and others. For the left image the Lens Shift "X Offset" parameter of four Cameras was aligned.

Backup Mode

This field shows whether your Master is in "Live" or "Backup" Mode. For more information please see the chapter "Backup Menu".

Multi-User Mode

This field shows whether your Master is a "MAIN" or "SUB" Master within a Multi-User session.


This field informs you about the version you are using. The version from the Master and Clients must be the same and is depicted in the lower right corner of each interface.