TrackScan Input

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TrackScan Input

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TrackScan Input

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The TrackScan input node provides the integration of a Barcode scanner to read values in mm for up to 2 km of distance.

Please note:
There are two different revisions of the TrackScan device in circulation:
Rev.1 TrackScans (57600/8-N-1) only connect to the WD with this TrackScan Input Node (via the local COM Port).
Rev.2 TrackScans (9600/8-N-1) can be used with this TrackScan Input Node (via the local COM Port) and can also be connected via the TrackScan Serial Link Input Node (through a Serial Link Device).

This node can be found under Nodes > Input > Devices > TrackScan


Node Properties

Choose the TrackScan COM Port to listen to. The COM Port Connections can be found and setup in the Connection Manager.

The range defines the jump point of a maximum value back to zero.
The range is only important for rotating platforms, to determine the index point. Enter the range in mm. This is only important for correct calculation of delta values when using as incremental length count.

Please choose here the Revision of your TrackScan (1 or 2).

Relative Value:

Enter an offset value.

Node control

With Widget Designer version 6, all nodes support so called node commands. Node commands access functions (i.e methods) from a node and / or set a parameter (i.e. property).

Enter "node", followed by the according ID and a dot and a list will pop up showing all available commands for the node. For instance, Node1.TintColor.SetRGB(125,0,255), colors the node in purple.
In addition, the node properties with a parameter ID (the small superscript number) can be edited via the command Node1.SetParam(ID,new Value) or WDNodeSetParam(NodeID,ParamID,Value).

In addition to the general commands, this nodes provides specific function commands that can replace pressing the buttons in the Configuration manually. E.g. Node1.Disconnect disrupts the connection with the current device without opening the dialog.

The following additional function commands are available for the TrackScan node:

- Connect
- Disconnect
- FlushPort

Node output values

The Node generates the following output:


- TrackScan Value

- TrackScan Delta

- TrackScan Byte 1

- TrackScan Byte 2

- TrackScan Byte 3

- TrackScan Relative