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What's New?

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What's New?

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This "What's New" chapter lists updates from Pandoras Box including its tools. For updates regarding Widget Designer, please go to the next chapter.

Version 8.8.0 - July '23

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Workspaces ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ 16-bit opacity, color, and alpha parameters ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Cues and time monitor ++


Version 8.7.0 - March '23

hmtoggle_arrow1++ NDI Adapter as a virtual playout path ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Add multiple adapters to Outputs and accompanying redesign of Render Engine configuration ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Select all Containers/Keys/Cues behind mouse position ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Special Representation for Content in FrameSync (Site / virtual Site) ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Lock the position of a container or cue ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Container Groups ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Autoplay projects on startup ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Timeline improvements ++

Version 8.6.2 - December '22

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

Version 8.6.1 - September '22

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

Version 8.6.0 - July '22

hmtoggle_arrow1++ FrameSync Option ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Web Browser Tab ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Notes Tab ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Notes for Layers, Resoucres etc. ++

Version 8.5.1 - April '22

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

Version 8.5.0 - March '22

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Timeline Improvements: Zoom, Scroll, Layer Selection ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Tab: License Overview ++


Version 8.4.0 - November '21


hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Terra / SDVoE Fiber Input Card ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Notch: Live Editing ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ PB Menu: Password and Remote Install PB Menu ++

Version 8.3.0 - July '21

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Notch Updates ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Configuration of Live Inputs ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Dante Domain Manager ++

Version 6.5.1 - July '21

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

Version 8.2.0 - May '21

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

PB Menu and Server Management

hmtoggle_arrow1++ New PB Menu ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Server Management Application ++

Version 8.1.0

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Advanced Import Option ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Audio Input via Dante ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Restructured Configuration Settings ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ NDI is Spread-able and Supports Dynamic Resolution ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Live Inputs: Refresh Option ++

Version 8.0.0

hmtoggle_arrow1++ New License Model ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Notch Integration ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ NDI Support ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Dante Support and Dante Audio Card ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Flexible Input Card: Flex Card and Modules ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Share Layer Option Added ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Blend Modes (also for Particles) ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Effects: LUT Shader ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ User Profiles Implemented ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Restructured Audio Settings ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ v6 Projects Supported / "Export XML" Discontinued ++

R5 Hardware

hmtoggle_arrow1++ New R5 hardware ++

Version 6.5.1

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

Version 6.5.0

hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Render Engine ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ 10bit Color Depth on Servers ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Support of DPX File Format and Others Formats with Higher Color Depth ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Image Converter Tool also Supports DPX ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ HDMI Audio on Audio Tracks ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Texture Splitting Option in Configuration Dialog ++

Version 6.4.4

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Bug Fix Release ++

Version 6.4.3

hmtoggle_arrow1++ View Bar with New Default Views + Export / Import of Views + New Partial Views ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Revised Cues Tab ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Inspector Shows Chroma Sub Sampling for Live Inputs ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Default Values for Pre Roll and Image Sequence Import ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Multi-Selection for Image Sequence Import and Sites ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ QuickTime Supports Embedded Audio ++

Version 6.4.2 & 6.4.1

hmtoggle_arrow1++ First Input Card with 12G Solution: 12G/Quad 3G SDI, HDMI/DP Board ++

Version 6.4.0 - Release

hmtoggle_arrow1++ PB goes 64bit with more Performance and Better Video Playback ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Decoder for QuickTime Videos ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Redesign of GUI ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New File Paths for Installation, Logs and Content ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Linking a Watch Folder to a Playlist ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New "File Browser" Tab ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Algorithm for Media Encryption ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Color Space Option for HDMI Inputs ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Discontinued Support of Older Controller Boards ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Discontinued Support of MA-Net 1 ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Discontinued Support of Older Input Card Drivers ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Christie USB Driver Added to Installer ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Version of Pandoras Box Menu ++

Version 6.1.4

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Last 32bit Release ++

Version 6.1.3

hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Snapping for Containers and Key Frames ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Relative Time Pop-up ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Possibility to Recalibrate CMSH-files via Widget Designer ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Faster Possibility to Start a Sync Session ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Single Touch Events in CEF Browser ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Revised Art-Net Monitor ++

Version 6.1.1

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Art-Net Optimization ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New TCP Device ++

Version 6.1.0

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Localization: User Interface in Different Languages ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Image (Sequence) Format: TIFF ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Command in Device Tree: Clone Site ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Spreading Commands in Project Tab ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Inspector Shows Resource Location Including Multi-User Places ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Assets Tab Shows Multi-User Places and Allows Multi-Selection ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Shortcut to Store to Selected Device(s) ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Device Viewer Tab Can Be Opened Multiple Times ++

Version 6.0.5

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Clients Can Be Added to the Project Automatically at Startup ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Sites Can Be Re-ordered ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Improved Ghost Key Behavior ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Waveform included in Audio Tracks ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Audiometer Included in the Device Viewer ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Windows Audio Device Can Listen to Audio Tracks ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Audio Channels Can Be Routed Individually ++

[Rev 15083 and 14583] - Version 6.0

hmtoggle_arrow1++ Multi-User ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Structure for the Preview Tab ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Editable Meshes Allow Warping in the Preview ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ UV Texture Mapping in the Preview ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Enhanced Canvas ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Camera Interaction in the Preview ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Enforced 2D Interaction in the Preview ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Pixel-Oriented Workflow ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ Preview Window Allows Multi-View and Shows Tools in Fullscreen ++
hmtoggle_arrow1++ New Project Data Format ++